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Interact Marketing Announces Spin-Off of SlingshotSEO Division

After purchasing and relaunching the highly successful SlingshotSEO brand name, Interact parent Ecommerge, Inc. has [...]

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Interact Marketing Announces Geofencing Advertising Service

With geofencing technology becoming more refined, Interact Marketing has decided to start leveraging this advanced [...]

Hudson Valley Basket Brigade food collection at Interact Marketing
Interact Marketing’s Total Charitable Contribution Grows to 5% in 2019

Interact Marketing commits to nonprofit organizations through discounted service offerings, hours invested in giving back, [...]

Interact Marketing Launches High Availability Cloud Hosting

Interact Marketing’s new cloud hosting service surpasses industry standards in hosting quality, security, and additional [...]

Interact Marketing Adds Additional Certification to Maintain Commitment to Quality

Interact Marketing now maintains Facebook Certified Buyer status, further solidifying a company-wide commitment to maximize [...]

Interact Marketing Develops Digital Dashboard Touchscreen at Company Headquarters

Interact Marketing develops an innovative digital dashboard to track the agency’s efficiency, budget and profitability. [...]